Sunday, September 6, 2015


          How many times, in the past years, have you heard of a person being criminally charged, prosecuted, and jailed for a crime that eventually they were found not to have committed.  Even if you answered 1, that 1 person is just too many.  It happens more than you can imagine.  It is a pandemic.

          Since March 2000, my best friend, actually innocent, poor, Hispanic, Steven Crain, was and still is a victim of being an innocent man being rail-roaded, incarcerated (6 years in Nevada state prison and currently on parole and probation), because of the vindictive, retaliatory, drug using, drug dealing, drug selling, drug trafficking (NV – CA.), Regina Hyman, and all because of the fact that Steven would not baby-sit for his neighbor, Regina, kids for free.  Angered by that, Regina filed false charges against him, claiming that Steven had allegedly attempted lewdness to her youngest daughter, LaGina Hyman.  There was never any evidence, just malicious retaliatory hearsay, and even that had so many lies.  Regina admitted in court transcripts that she (Regina) has a history of making these types of accusations, both in Nevada and California, claiming that other men have sexually assaulted her other daughters.  Even Regina admits that her daughter LaGina never really told her (Regina) what happened.  How could LaGina tell her mother, Regina, what happened, when nothing happened.  It also must be noted that Regina waited three days after her daughter, LaGina, told Regina the lies, to falsely file her perjured police report against Steven Crain. 

          Regina had incentive to knowingly file false charges against Steven and to knowingly commit perjury on the witness stand.  One is Regina was secretly given immunity from her multitude of drug usage, drug possession, drug dealing charges by the Clark County District Attorney’s office.  Two is that Regina was paid to do this by the District Attorney.  The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has never denied secretly giving Regina immunity and secretly paying a lot of money to Regina Hyman.

          A 1991 – 1992 San Diego Grand Jury was assigned to investigate the issues of child sexual abuse, assault, and molestation.  Said Grand Jury heard testimony from psychological experts testifying that children lie about these issues and how studies also indicate that young children can be very easily contaminated to believe that things happened which, in fact did not occur.  The Grand Jury also examined cases where children made allegation of abuse and then later wanted to retract them.  The children said they had lied and were sorry.  These kids did this to get out of trouble that they were going to be in.  If this kids were late coming home/broke their curfew, these kids/teens would lie and say that they were sexually assaulted, when the truth was these kids/teens were over at a party or at a friend’s house, or at a club, etc. The same social workers, therapists, prosecutors and judicial officers who believed the stories of abuse, refused to believe the children when they admitted to a lie.  This disturbed the said Grand Jury, since they (Grand Jury) knew that the said prosecutors, therapists, etc. refusals would cause more innocent people to be convicted of these sex crimes that they did not commit.

          In my best friend’s Steven’s case that is what happened.  LaGina lied and the Clark County District Attorney, the Las Vegas Police, psychological therapists John Pacult, Diane Williams and Alyson Shainker (RedRock Psychology Health Center), Nevada Parole and Probation (Officers Shelley Carreo and Michael VanDyke), the Clark County Public Defender (especially Robert Amundson), and the Judges all refused to believe that LaGina had lied.

          In many of those cases, examined by that San Diego Grand Jury, those false convicted spent years in jail, sentenced to death row, for a sex crime that they did not commit.  Some of those wrongly convicted even attempted (unsuccessfully or successfully) suicide.  These falsely accused and wrongly convicted individuals also had their lives turned upside down, their marriages ended in divorce, some of their families and friends would no longer associate with them, and have the stigma and be labeled of being, even as it may falsely accused, sex offender.  All in the name of injustice done to these later found innocent people.

          At the time of the accusations, Steven and Regina were just neighbors, living in Las Vegas.

          I have seen the abundance of proof that financially challenged (poor) Hispanic Steven is innocent and read the 187 pages of transcripts from his Clark County District Court Case 00-C-166673-C that definitely proves his innocence.  I can show a multitude of specifics regarding the transcripts.

           The Clark County District Attorney’s office relied on hearsay (NRS 51.385(2)(c)). LaGina Hyman had incentive to lie so as to please her vindictive mother (Regina Hyman) and so that LaGina would not get spanked. On Page 78, of the Court transcripts, LaGina Hyman stated that if she lies her mother (Regina) whoops her (LaGina).

           On Page 52 (Lines 17 – 23, inclusive) Regina Hyman states “Gina (referring to her daughter (LaGina) has never really told me (referring to Regina) exactly how it occurred or when it occurred or where it occurred.” Given that, how is it that the Clark County District Attorney’s office prosecuted Steven Crain, thereby destroying Mr. Crain’s life, and tarnishing Mr. Crain’s good name and reputation?

           LaGina Hyman also stated her mom (Regina Hyman) also told her what to say. See Page 78, Lines 22 – 25, inclusive.

           Clark County Deputy District Attorney Mary Kay Holthus and Las Vegas Police Detectives Jon Scott and Kevin Morgenstern also coached LaGina and Regina Hyman as to what to say regarding Steven Crain.

           On Page 58 (Line 21 – 25, inclusive) and continuing to Line 1 - 4 (inclusive) of Page 59, of the transcripts, LaGina Hyman admitted to not knowing the difference between the truth and telling a lie.

           On Page 64, LaGina Hyman twice admitted that she did not see Steven Crain in the courtroom, despite the fact that she had a clear view of the courtroom and Steven Crain was seated at the Defendant’s table. How is it that LaGina Hyman, who had prior seen Steven Crain cannot recognize him in the courtroom?

          On Pages 184 and 185 of the Preliminary Hearing Report, dated May 8, 2000, it says that Dr. Conner said that there was no recent trauma to LaGina Hyman’s vaginal area, Dr. Conner says that LaGina Hyman has vaginitis.

           On Page 172 of the Hearing Report, Detective Scott shows his (Scott) discrimination/bias against Steven Crain, because Detective Scott does not like sex offender and/or those accused of sex offenses and that is what Steven Crain was being charged with. Detective Scott’s bias contaminated his (Scott) report and Detective Scott even admits to leading Regina Hyman and LaGina Hyman what to say in their statement, just like Detective Scott did to Dr. Conner. Detective Scott admits that all of the interrogation was not taped, allegedly because the recorder was not working. One has to wonder if Detective Scott’s bias played a part in why the full interrogation was not recorded.

           Additionally, on Page 178 of the Hearing Report, Judge Douglas Smith states “I guess for the record, I remember Gina (referring to LaGina Hyman) saying that her (LaGina) pinky entered her (LaGina) vagina.” It must be noted that LaGina Hyman had vaginitis which itches and therefore LaGina Hyman put her own finger in that region to scratch it.

           Throughout the transcripts, LaGina Hyman could not remember which room, the alleged incident happened, where Steven Crain was on the day the alleged incident happened, and that her (LaGina) mother (Regina) had motive to put her (LaGina) up to making these allegation. The fact is no crime was committed. The fact is Regina Hyman was angry, vindictive, and retaliatory (18 USC 1513) against Steven Crain, since Steven Crain refused to continue to baby sit for Regina Hyman’s daughters for free.

           Additionally, Mr. Crain should never have been prosecuted by the Clark County District Attorney’s office, since even according to Dr. Conner’s reports, LaGina Hyman actually suffered from vaginitis and that there were no signs of recent trauma. And because of the itchiness, caused by vaginitis, LaGina Hyman even admitted to the Judge that she had scratched that area, with her own fingers. Even LaGina’s mother Regina testified that LaGina had a rash (vaginitis). LVMPD Detectives Jon Scott and Kevin Morgenstern told Dr. Conner that they (LVMPD and D. A.) don’t have a case against Steven Crain, unless Dr. Conner writes that a sex crime took place and not vaginitis.

           Mr. Crain wants this court to also know that LVMPD Detective Kevin Morgenstern has lied in other cases as well. One in particular was the William Sites case. Early in his handling of the criminal case against William Sites, Metro Detective Kevin Morgenstern suggested to Michelle Perkins that she call her mother's husband (William Sites) and tell him (William Sites), falsely, that they had found the remains of William Site’s wife (Jan Sites). Michelle Perkins mother is Jan Sites.

          I will show, and name names of the government officials from the offices of the former Clark County District Attorneys Stewart Bell and David Roger, current Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson, Clark County Deputy District Attorney Mary Kay Holthus, Clark County Public Defender Robert Amundson, Las Vegas Police Department, Las Vegas Police Detectives Jon Scott and Kevin Morgenstern, Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto, current Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Nevada Parole and Probation Officers Shelley Carreo and Officer Michael VanDyke, Clark County District Court Judges Douglas Smith, Sally Loehrer, and Stefany Miley, United States District Court Judges, Therapists (John Pacult, Diane Williams, and Alyson Shainker), Attorneys, etc, who to this day, refuse to admit that they were wrong.  They are just as guilty as the Regina is of making these false allegations. Worse yet, is that since they never denied it, despite being asked several times if these state and county agencies made a deal (immunity and/or financial) with Regina Hyman, to make these accusations against my best friend, Steven, these state and county agencies thereby admit the deal.

          It also needs to be mentioned that at or around the same time that Steven Crain was being represented by Clark County Public Defender Robert Amundson, regarding the criminal case, Robert Admunson was also representing Regina Hyman on her drug charges (which incidentally, according to the police report (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Temporary Custody Record Event # 000322-2385) (March 22, 2000 at 9:30 p.m.) (Listed as Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 453.337) showed an abundance of proof of drugs, and paraphernalia).  Yet some how the District Attorney decided not to prosecute Regina.  This was part of the immunity deal the District Attorney’s office made with Regina in order for Regina to perjure her testimony against Steven.  Clark County Public Defender, attorney Robert Amundson acted unethically, and committed legal malpractice against Steven.

          The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Just like LaGina's criminal mother Regina Hyman, so to is LaGina Hyman.  At the age of 18 1/2 years old, LaGina Hyman was arrested on October 22, 2012 for Domestic Aggravated Assault and Battery.

          Additionally, it must be known that Public Defender Amundson lied and coerced Steven into taking an Alford Plea.  Mr. Amundson told Steven Crain that since the Nevada laws constantly change, that if Steven takes the Alford Plea, Steven will be cleared in 1 to 3 years.  That was nearly 15 - 13 years ago and Steven is still on lifetime probation.  Had Steven been fully and truthfully informed, and not lied to and/or coerced, by Public Defender Amundson, Steven would not have take the Alford Plea.  Steven would have gone to trial.

           When you look at how the Clark County District Attorney’s office vigilantly went after Steven and how that same said District Attorney’s office refused to criminal charge and prosecute Clark County Family Court Judge Nicholas DelVecchio, for the same accusations and hearsay that Steven was being charged with, you will see quite a difference in treatment.  What the District Attorney's office did was selective prosecution, a form of discrimination.

          If Steven Crain had the same attorney as “the King of Pop” Michael Jackson, during Mr. Jackson’s multitude of child molestation charges, would Steven Crain’s charges have been dropped, just like Mr. Jackson’s were.  There have been other celebrities that have been accused, and even charged with similar crimes.  Their charges also were dropped, and if they were punished it was a little slap on the wrist.

          U. S. District Court Judge Samuel Kent and how said Judge, for seven years, sexually victimized his personal female secretary and another female court employee.  Judge Kent will only receive 33 months in prison and will still get paid.   Unlike Steven Crain got, Judge Kent will not be subjected to lifetime parole and probation supervision.  Judge Kent had proper/effective legal counsel, unlike Steven Crain.

          In late 2009, a jury acquitted former Mobile County, Alabama Circuit Judge Herman Thomas of sexual abuse, attempted sodomy, and assault related to allegations that he brought inmates to his chambers for sex and spankings. The judge insisted that he brought the men to his office to “mentor” them, but prosecutors put forward evidence of semen on the carpet and testimony of numerous former inmates that they had sex with him or allowed him to spank them for lenient treatment.  Herman Thomas was represented by proper and effective legal counsel, unlike Steven Crain, who had ineffective legal counsel Clark County Public Defender Robert Admunson.  It must be remembered, that in Steven Crain’s case, year 2000, the Clark County District Attorney had no medical or physical evidence against Steven Crain.

          It must also be noted that from 1995 until recently, Clark County Public Defender Director Philip Kohn admitted publicly, and to news reporters that the Clark County Public Defender’s office only provides proper legal representation to those who are White Mormons.  Steven Crain is a Hispanic Catholic.

          One look at two, of many other cases, just in Clark County alone, dealing with the same issue, shows that innocent people are being falsely charged, denied proper legal representation, wrongfully prosecuted and incarcerated.  The two said cases involve Robert Hernandez Miranda and Lazarus Soto Lusson.  Both were represented by the Clark County Public Defender.

          The emotional turmoil, the Legal Abuse Syndrome, Steven, to this day, suffer from and the horrific memories of being incarcerated are even painful to hear about.

          Let’s immediately put a stop to those who falsely report crimes.  Let’s put a stop to prosecutors, police, and parole and probation officers who abuse their authority.  Let’s put a stop to the destruction of the lives of the actually innocent who are falsely charged and wrongfully prosecuted and incarcerated.  For if we don’t you, me, and/or anyone else will have to endure the titanic ship-like, emotional and physical turmoil that Steven and others had to and continue to endure.

          Actually innocent, poor, Hispanic, Steven Crain is currently looking for an attorney to represent/help him re-open his Petition For Writ of Habeas Corpus case.  Please help Steven.

          Even to this day, Steven Crain is being horrifically and unjustifiably punished, harassed, bullied, intimidated, arrested and incarcerated (September 4, 2014 - November 6, 2015) by Southern Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke, for a crime that Steven never committed.  To see just what extent Officer VanDyke has gone, please read

          When Southern Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael David VanDyke arrested and jailed Steven Crain for his (Crain) writing a tell-all book that exposes, names names, etc. about the horrific injustices he (Crain) had and continues to endure by Nevada, Clark County, Las Vegas government and law officials, Officer VanDyke made Steven Crain a political prisoner.  After 14 months of Steven Crain being in Clark County Detention Center, while awaiting trial, the Clark County District Attorney requested that Clark County Chief Judge David Barker dismiss the case.  Judge Barker did on November 6, 2015.


  1. "How many times, in the past years, have you heard of a person being criminally charged, prosecuted, and jailed for a crime that eventually they were found not to have committed?"

    Well, since 1989, The National Registry of Exonerations list 1,957 (72/year) such incidents.

  2. Hello I live in humble Texas it's a little town just north of Houston. I've just been indicted on a charge of continual sex abuse of a child and I am innocent. I have been separated from my ex from 2011 and have been fighting ever since to see my daughter. My ex has moved 13 times from then to now so it's been hard to see my daughter. I have a custody order to get to see her but it's hard when you don't know where she lives at. I got her for my 42 day visitation in the summer of 2015 and that was the last time I've seen her. While she was with me in that summer she told me my wife and 2 step daughters she was being sexual abused by her new stepfather. I took her to the police station and filed a report. She then recanted her story about the abuse telling us that she just wanted to live with us. She was 7 years old that summer. She then went back to her mother at the end of my time and I have not seen her since. 1 month ago I was asked to come to the police station so I did and was questioned about ME MOLESTING HER! There are saying at the same time I took her to the police station was the same time I did something. It's retaliation for me taking her up there. My ex thinks I made up the story when in fact I was only trying to protect her from her stepfather which turned out to be from nothing. We are fighting it with every dime we have but have no one or no where to get help.

    1. As you probably understand by now, many pedophiles are in high political positions and want to charge the innocent and guilty get off. Trevor Loudon and his book, Enemies Within is a great resource. Maybe he would have some resources in your book. See if you can contact Jeffrey Descovik's office in NYC. The Descovik Foundation is devoted to helping obviously convicted innocent people. It happened to him. The prior gov of TX, Perry, I think, ordered police to stand by to force high school girls to be vaccinated with Gardasil, which supposedly prevents cervical cancer -NOT a contagious disease! And only 1% of all females end up with cervical cancer. As it turned out, his prior chief of staff lobbied for Gardasil! Girls have died and become permanently disabled from that crap! It was never processed properly for FDA approval! They pushed it through! I hope Senator Cruz could help you. I have a blog but don't even check for people's posts because I am overwhelmed in my private life with problems from corruption. Keep searching for answers. I hope you have reliable internet. Create a standard message so you don't have to keep retyping. Send messages to local universities. Pedophilia is a very hortible thing! My heart goes out to you ss you worry about your lityle girl! Search David Zublic on YouTube. The best way to clear your name and help your lityle girl is trust the truth. Don't give up! Keep record of your visits. Make videos. Post them on YouTube and in every message you share, refer people to that. Consider creating a blog, but don't get bogged down with other people's dramas. Focus on your little girl's needs! Trust God.

  3. Only 72 exonerations a year? Way more than 72 innocent people are harmed by Connecticut courts alone! Raymond Clark wasn't even entrapped by police, the just used "guilty by media" and most or all his friends at Yale turned on him even though WTNH News changed their story nearly every time they reported the murder of Annie Le - RAYMOND CLARK's FRIEND. I can't even tell you all the lies media reported! Annie Le' s mother is VietNamese, speaks little English, and the court deceptively restricted only her to be in court for his pre-trial hearings! He pled not guilty! AFTER OVER A YEAR OF ABUSE IN PRISON, A PERSON WITH PROFESSIONAL DEGREE AND PROFESSIONAL CAREER IS BOUND TO GIVE UP! The courts don't care about truth! I've done what I can, including sending a letter to Yale University's President. Instead, the prison snatched all my letters to Raymond and sent them back to me. I sent emails to his Russian fiance, employed at Yale. She never responded and probably followed the crowd, which are a herd of freaking idiots! Dumber than cows! Annie Le was killed like Satanists kill people! Chopped up, probably all blood drained so they could drink it for an endorphin high, after all, she was marrying the love of her life the next say! Raymond Clark was probably doing things to prepare to attend with his fiance!And Annie Le was planning on going to his wedding! This is really an awful, inhumane place to completely disregard innocent people and let the Satanic Scumbags rule the streets! and

  4. We are defenseless against these fanatical extremists and hateful liars who theater act.

  5. From a brief reading of the transcripts as you have provided this man shoukd be exonerated.

  6. Ah fuck him & fuck the asshole baby that runs this shitty blog